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These plugins have been tested on this site with WordPress 6.6 RC2 June 2024

Relevanssi banner


With relevanssi you can tune the core WordPress search, to include custom fields, search for all or some words in the query. Developed by Mikko Saari, a developer from Tampere, Finland.
MRW Simplified Editor banner

MRW Simplified Editor

Learn how to customize the Gutenberg block editor to display only the necessary options and blocks, enhancing its simplicity and cleanliness for a more streamlined editing experience.
Additional Block Styles banner

Abs – Additional block styles

Abs – Additional block styles, provides new additional creative styles for your WordPress website native blocks in editor.
WS Form LITE banner

WS Form Lite

Built with HTML5, performance and accessibility in mind, WS Form Lite is definitely worth a closer look.
Lasy Blocks banner

Lazy Blocks

Basic HTML and CSS skills are enough to create your own Gutenberg Blocks with Lazy Blocks.
The SEO Framework banner

The SEO Framework

Simple yet feature-rich SEO plugin, providing the markup needed for effective search engine optimization.