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While every browser on earth is able to display PDF files perfectly for exact the device used, some people still fancy the old “flip-book”, an animated way of browsing the PDF like a magazine (yeah, with sound effects) although the usability is hurt especially for mobile users.

dFlip 3D Flipbook screenshot


Now, in those “the client is always right” cases, DearFlip 3D Flipbook can be your way to satisfy your client and get on with your life. The lite version is not crippled and allows for all the basic features including downloading the PDF.

Vegan recipes 2013
Easy Vegan

Credit: Vegan Recipes by and

Extract from

A WordPress Flipbook to impress your readers: With DearFlip you can create amazing and realistic 3D HTML5 Flipbook that will attract your customers eyes into the PDF content. It is way more intuitive and engaging than traditional PDF Readers.


At the time of writing, this plugin did not pass the HTML validation test by the W3C

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